1.) The Distribution this month will be for the Gross Distributive Share as in prior months (Available Revenues * Percentage of Partnership Units). Your Accrued Stipend for May will be listed below as in prior months, followed by deductions for Insurance, Malpractice etc..
The Accrued Stipends for Call for each individual according to the agreed upon schedule will be paid in a separate distribution, expected to be within 30 days of our invoice to the hospital.
It is expected that an agreement with Sierra Vista, similar to the one signed for Twin Cities will be completed by the end of the month. I expect it will take several months to accumulate enough support money that we can distribute one check each month as in the past.
2.) The Web Site has been updated as you know. It is still camaslo.com. There is no password as currently there is nothing private. We do have a private site which can be accessed by typing /member after camaslo.com. This currently has access to old updates such as this one for those who like too reread them. Additionally if you type /pre-op after camaslo.com you will see a Tab for the old pdf documents for various protocols, etc. These were removed from the public domain as I felt they should be reviewed and possibly updated. They can be downloaded and edited if anyone feels the urge to tackle this. We will address these at a later time I expect.
3.) We are planning a Roundtable on June 10, Monday. I expect to have it from 5 to 7 at Seven Sisters Brewery (behind Trader Joe’s in SLO). It is mainly to get together and address the transition, staffing and the usual facility issues. I do need to know if you are planning on coming as if there is not interest, I can’t ask them to open specifically for us. Otherwise if we have enough (15 or so) we can meet there and have the space for a few hours. So please let me know and I will confirm.
4. Finally, the schedule is published thru August. I have September done and will publish it shortly as well. Unfortunately we are short staffed by one for several of the weeks that month. Any returned vacations will be appreciated. Also any leads on interested hires would be great. I will re-run the Ad but it hasn’t been very productive. We are fortunate in having Dr. Julian Medina help us for two weeks in June, July and August. Julian is Garrett’s former partner from San Francisco and I expect he will be well received. He will do shifts mainly at the ASC’s initially. Possibly he can be convinced the weather is better here in SLO.
Call with any questions