I have listed a few items below as updates and clarifications or otherwise.
As clarification, OB call at both Twin and French is separate from 2nd call (C2). The person on first call in the operating room will take any OB calls after 10PM ahead off the person on OB call for the day. The person on OB call is still on call, they will be called only if the 1st call is busy. C2 is called only for a second operating room (rarely) at either Sierra or French and is unrelated to OB. Situations at Twin will be handled on a case by case manner.
The Transition to Twin Cities on May 1 and ongoing has been very smooth and positive in every aspect. The contract is signed and the schedule through August is complete. Credit for the excellent start should be given to Curby, Andrew, Jesse and Kang as well as Mark and Melissa for not only staffing but working with the administration, surgeons and operating room staff during this time to facilitate the changes that occurred. Over the next several months we can start to filter in more people to work and take call as needed. Currently on staff are (SC,EG,TK,GO,CP,JR,KT,BW,EZ,MB,SD,TH,CJ,SS,PW, MN,MM). If you would like to be scheduled in the coming months you need to call Loretta at Medical Staff (805-434-3500) and schedule time to orient, get a badge and access Pyxis and Cerner. Once you’ve done that and are ready I can schedule you for a room or call as needed. Eventually the goal is to have as much flexibility as possible for staffing, just like our other facilities.
Contract discussions with Sierra Vista are now in progress and moving through Tenet legal channels. It is anticipated to be completed prior to May 31. The plan is to initiate the Stipend Model for both Twin and Sierra based upon the schedule in May. As there is a lag in receiving support for up to 30 days, I expect to work with our bookkeeper in crediting and dispersing the Stipends in the most practical and reasonable manner. I will have some idea of that process in the next few weeks as well as an update on completing the Sierra contract.
As we knew, staffing for the summer is very tight with new obligations at Twin, Chris leaving and increasing requests from all of the ASC’s we staff. We have a physician from San Francisco coming for the last two weeks in June, July, and August to fill some of the gaps. This weekend we have two anesthesiologists coming for a second visit and hopefully will have an answer from them shortly. The schedule is out through August and I will start on the remainder of the year in the next few weeks. All of the weekends however have been listed for several months.
I will try and schedule an informal meeting (roundtable), sometime in the next month as its been a while. Bill Pickart from IMP recently visited and would like to have a group dinner sometime in the next few months as well to mark the first year of the group relationship. All aspects of the transition continue to go well.
Lots of changes and a few challenges.
Call if any questions.