> After doing the scheduling for the past three months I would like to offer my thoughts on the current process. > > All of the five who schedule currently have several responsibilities in order of priority. It is a role which impacts each individual but also the group as a whole. > > The first and most important is to schedule such that our commitments to each of the seven facilities are filled completely, timely and professionally. That involves assigning physicians to rooms so that there is adequate consideration for surgeon delays, running over, emergencies, travel between facilities etc. It also includes facility and surgeon preferences at times as well as certain qualities and skills of individuals that may or may not best fit in certain situations. Fortunately this occurs infrequently in our practice. > > Secondly schedulers try to assign cases and locations most in line with the individuals schedule that day. > Unfortunately gaps and variances in actual procedure times occur frequently. All of the schedulers spend significant time and energy in making the daily assignments and have good reasoning behind their choices. Maximizing a particular physicians production is secondary to their first priority. > > Thirdly the assigned numbers each day (MD2,3,…) are guidelines for the most part and not meant to be absolutes in how they are used. The priority is first to satisfy our obligations in a manner that assures CAMA and individuals are perceived in the best possible light. > > Finally, we have unique relationships with our various facilities and they can sometimes be a bit challenging. Both Tenet and Dignity pay significant money to us ensuring they have coverage for all of their services. They function independently and have no knowledge or interest in our scheduling system, ie MD 2,3,4… > It is not appropriate and counter productive to our success to announce these labels outside of our immediate group. When the unfortunate late case arrives and is presented to someone, it is that person’s obligation to take that request and either address it themselves or if needed contact the scheduler. At no time should hospital staff spend any amount of time beyond the initial request. > If this continues to occur the proposed solutions will most likely involve dedicated positions at each facility to eliminate any ambiguity in who they call.