Last night the Board members met to discuss a formal complaint from Dr. Hayashi representing a group of surgeons who are expressing dissatisfaction with recent performance by CAMA. Although he refers to several specific events over the past 3 to 6 months, the dissatisfaction is generally focused on arrival times in the morning, delays for scheduled cases and related negative perceptions that are growing in their minds. These concerns are being addressed with them for now but should be dealt with internally by us before they create unnecessary issues.
At all four of our hospitals and most recently Tenet facilities, we receive a significant portion of our income from support money. This is in return for a level of coverage that is expected at each place by contract. Arriving with adequate time in the morning is expected. Changes, Add-ons, delays etc throughout the day are more problematic but are generally being handled well. However it seems that recently there have been lapses in communication, although infrequent, that have caused some concerns.
Our coverage footprint and staffing model has grown significantly in the past 5 years and with that success has come these problems. Hopefully in the next month or before the holidays, we can have an informal meeting to discuss ideas for minimizing these. We will have a general partnership meeting in January as well to formalize any needed changes.
For the immediate time being, anyone who is on call at any of the four hospitals should be checking in with the Charge Nurse for the day and letting them know to communicate any changes, delays or other issues. The Call person should address any needs that come up directly if possible. If he or she feels a situation might be developing they need to communicate with the scheduler, giving them ample time to assist. Finally, if you are assigned to a room and move rooms for any reason, the scheduler should be aware of these changes. He or she will often put several names in a room to emphasize options as well.
Nothing is new in the above process and checking the board throughout the day, communicating with each other and letting the Scheduler know when you are done should eliminate most problems. The lack of coordination with different nursing staffs is frustrating but we have little control over that and should try our best to avoid being part of that conversation.
Feel free to discuss with anyone on the Board and we will meet as a group soon.
Thanks, The Board (Shawn, Scott, Curby, Owen, Garrett, Eric)

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