<h2 style="text-align: center;">FEE POLICY</h2>


1. CAMA fee policies and billing practices are set according to the general guidelines set forth by the American Society of Anesthesiologists and according to federal and state law.

2. All fees are charged based on the basic anesthesia billing charge or according to a contracted third party payor rate, except for the special situations described below. In no circumstance shall a waiver or discount be allowed where such action takes into account in any way the individual’s ability to refer to, or otherwise generate income or federal healthcare program business for CAMA physicians.

3. All questions regarding fees and/or requests for discounts or special fees should be made through the CAMA billing office. Contact Us

4. Discounts for special circumstances can be negotiated. The basic discount is currently 25%.

5. “Prepay discount” or flat rates may be negotiated in advance by a facility, surgeon or patient. This is a request for an individual quote for a specific procedure, when the procedure is not covered by insurance.

7. “Economic hardship” fees are quoted on an individual basis, either as a request from the facility, from the surgeon or from the patient. The quote is based on a number of individual circumstances. CAMA may require proof of economic hardship in the form of most recent federal tax return or other official documents.

8. Individual CAMA physicians may not directly negotiate or agree to discounted fees. If contacted, they will refer the facility, surgeon or patient to the Billing Service Manager to process the request. However, where that is impractical (e.g., emergency surgery) the request should be discussed with the Billing Service Manager or Practice Administrator as soon as possible.

9. All balance due amounts, including patient copays and balances, shall be pursued to the full extent possible, including referral to an outside collection service, limited only by third party payor contractual provisions or other valid agreements. Exceptions to this policy shall be considered only where allowable by law and on a case-by-case basis.

10. Confirmed credit balances shall be remitted to a patient in a timely manner.

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